Stand By Me – 奋斗 – قف بجانبي


Stand By Me (2011) is a film directed by director Ma Weihao. The film is adapted from the novel “Struggle” of the same name, starring Li Chen, Dong Xuan and others.

Lu Tao (played by Li Chen), a senior student in the Department of Architecture, is young and impulsive, striving hard for his life goals. Lu Tao’s cohabiting girlfriend Xia Lin (played by Dong Xuan) has always been around her with admiration for Lu Tao and silently waiting for the realization of his ideals, compromising her beautiful vision in the field of fashion design. In Lu Tao’s competition for the highest award in the architect industry, Lu Tao in the arena is experiencing a side-by-side battle. Outside the stadium, Xia Lin was dissatisfied with Lu Tao’s pursuit of her life goals and repeatedly ignored her value in life. She wanted to go to Paris to study and realize herself. Will their love end because of their own struggle? At this time, the unexpected encounter of his ex-girlfriend Millai and the sudden visit of his biological father Xu Zhisen, can Lu Tao’s 30-year-old life plan catch up with the sudden change of fate and get what he wants?

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